Get Facelift Results Without Surgery.

It is absolutely possible to look years younger and be healthier without surgery. Request a free demonstration in our office so you can see and feel the difference for yourself.


Drs. Deb & Bob take Cosmetic Dentistry to a new integrative level while Serving the Tucson Area

The pathway to good health starts in your mouth. Everything that sustains life comes through your mouth. At Oro Dental Medicine, we offer the innovative blending of dentistry and medicine. Trained as physicians of the mouth in our NYC residency programs, we specialize in giving you the custom smile you've been searching for and healthier breathing! Our job is to educate. With our complimentary consult, you will actually experience your options of tooth, smile, face, and airway dentistry!

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You Get All These Benefits

Not only do you get a great smile, but you also receive all of the following benefits when you choose your DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT®.


The Oro’s DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® (DVF®) requires no surgery. No general anesthesia, no waiting for results.


The DVF requires no recovery time. No missed worked. No mummy-like bandages covering your face.


After your initial appointment you will walk out of the Oro’s office and experience the benefits of the DVF right away.


Where there is no pain there is no need for the prescription drugs to deal with it. The DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® is a pain free process.


You’ve heard the nightmare stories of folks recovering from facelift / jaw surgery. Our patients generally return to their normal activities the next day.


The DVF is not only a less painful option with zero downtime, it also costs 66% less than traditional surgery.


Drs. Oro are the developers of the Dental Virtual Facelift® with decades of experience, expert judgment, along with masters level skill and innovative personalized care. The doctors have treated themselves with DVF, their staff and over 300 of our neighbors!

Common Cases We Treat

Overbite correction without surgery
Open Bite Treatment
Underbite correction without surgery

Deb and Bob have more than 50 years of combined training and experience in providing world class results. Trained at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania with MAGD and FAGD advanced degrees, and hospital residencies in NYC, you will benefit from the skill, care, and judgment provided by TWO dentists. Dr. Bob concentrates on overall and oral health.  Dr. Deb focuses on facial aesthetic rehabilitation and tooth reconstruction. Together, they help you achieve your goals, resulting in healthy, maintainable oral and airway fitness. It’s an approach that makes living longer something to smile about!


The good news?
You may live to be 95!

The bad news?
Your body and your teeth need to last until you’re 95.

As the rest of your body ages, so do your teeth. Tooth enamel is the rare body tissue that cannot repair itself. Thus, over time teeth wear, chip and crack leading to an aging face and smile with compromised oral health, impaired chewing function, and decreased airway support.
Let us show you how fully restoring the structures of your mouth can rejuvenate your oral health and facial appearance while improving your airway, making breathing easier and better, something you do this 28,000+ times a day!

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I entrusted Drs. Oro with my oral health. Not only did Dr.Deb and Dr. Bob fix my teeth, give me a great smile and restore face but they also increased my airway. As a result, I now sleep through the night, have cut my medications by half.
David DavisHappy Patient
With careful planning, excellent communication and extraordinary skill, they were able to restore my mouth and jaw to where it was 30 years ago. My face looks younger and I can chew again.
Rose JulianChiropractor
I was pleased with the team approach the professional at Oro Dental used to make my dental treatment as pleasant as possible. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the quality of care is unsurpassed.
Ron HillPatient