This Is The Oro Difference

...making living longer something to smile about

At Oro Dental Medicine, you’ll receive the distinctive benefit of two dentists’ concomitant care with their over 65 years combined experience. Two heads are better than one! Dr. Bob concentrates on your overall well-being as well as the fitness and function of your oral health.

Dr. Deb brings a feminine eye to customize not only your smile but also your facial appearance.

Together, Drs. Oro combine their skill, judgment, and experience bringing you personalized care that is healthy, looks great, feels good and lasts a long time.

We’ve been there too! Our own experience has taken us through:
  • - Replacing old fillings
  • - Experimenting with new technology
  • - Braces in our 40’s
  • - Crowns done on a need basis
  • - Treatment to replace old technology

However we recognized that our teeth were still worn and cracked and our faces still sagged. This ultimately led us to develop the next step in the best dentistry has to offer: the Dental Virtual Face Lift® to correct the facial structural issues that come with age.

See FAQ’s for more detailed information.

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Dr. Bob and Dr. Deb after their completed DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® Service. (Ages 59 and 58)

Dr. Bob with completed braces and some back crowns. Dr. Deb with completed adult braces and laminates- veneers on upper teeth. (Ages 52 and 51)

Drs. Bob and Deb's 20th high school reunion Dr. Bob replaced silver fillings with white fillings, has cross bite of teeth on his right side (camouflaged by beard). Dr. Deb has worn teeth, had basic braces as a child. (Ages 38 & 37)