Preparing for the Long Term

Wouldn't it be great to re-live your 40's?

At every stage of life we need to take care of our teeth and gums. However, as we age, good oral health can directly affect our ability to maintain overall wellness. Any oral health issues should be addressed proactively.

A healthy mouth prepares you for unforeseen health issues as you age, such as joint replacement, cardiovascular issues, organ transplants, etc.
Today’s physicians require good oral health prior to many of these above procedures.

What is good oral hygiene?

  • Diligent homecare (brushing and flossing at least twice a day)
  • Regular dental treatment (oral cancer screening, diagnostic imaging, prophylaxis, etc)
  • Eating  a diet that supports tissue health
  • Eliminating smoking and other potentially harmful habits

What are the signs of oral disease?

  • Bleeding or receding gums (pink toothbrush or floss)
  • Bad breath
  • New lumps, bumps, or scaly lesions in or around the mouth
  • Pain

Promptly contact your dentist when any of these concerns are noticed.

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