Brittle Teeth Treatment

A non-surgical treatment for brittle teeth. Most cases can be done in 2 visits only 15 days apart.

Brittle Teeth Treatment

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You Get All These Benefits

Not only do you get a smile you'll NEVER be afraid to show, but you also receive all of the following benefits when you receive a DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT®.


The Oro’s DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® (DVF) requires no surgery. No general anesthesia, no waiting for results.


The DVF requires no recovery time. No missed worked. No mummy-like bandages covering your face.


After your first appointment you will walk out of the Oro’s office and experience the benefits of the DVF right away.


Where there is no pain there is no need for the prescription drugs to deal with it. The DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® is a pain free process.


You’ve heard the nightmare stories of folks recovering from facelift surgery. You won’t have to deal with that.


The DVF is not only a less painful option with zero downtime, it also costs 66% less than traditional surgery.

The Oro Dental Brittle Teeth Solution

Your new smile will feel great, look great and last a long time!

The solution to fixing brittle teeth is called the DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT®. Most people with brittle teeth think dentures are the inevitable solution to resolving their brittle teeth issues, but it's not true. Most of our patients have come to us after being told time and again that it just wasn't possible to correct an brittle teeth without losing all their teeth. It was during their free consultation with us that they learned the truth and the options available for getting a new smile and facelift results without any surgery.

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Brittle Teeth Treatment

Does Brittle Teeth Treatment Change Face Shape?

Treating brittle teeth can absolutely change the shape of your face. A Dental Virtual Facelift® improves jawlines and opens your airway, giving the lower part of your face the shape it was meant to have this also gives your body access to more oxygen which helps fight fatigue, overeating, and snoring. You can see in our before and after images how drastically our patients' appearances change just from correcting their bite.

Enjoy Your New Smile Within 15 Days

In one day, our patients can complete their initial preparatory stage, comfortably returning home with a beautiful custom provisional smile and bite. In as few as fifteen days, you can begin to enjoy your amazing results! Fixing and underbite without braces through a DVF only takes 2 visits, 14 days apart. When you compare that to the multiple visits and years of maintenance from wearing braces the benefits are obvious.

Your smile is the very first thing most people notice about you. From board meetings to social engagements, something as simple as your smile can dictate success or disaster before you utter a single word. Having a great smile gives you a sense of confidence that can be felt by everyone around you. We want to give you a smile that will have a profound affect. Oro Dental can help you get the smile you've only dreamed of having. When you think, "Brittle Teeth Treatment" think Oro Dental and give us a call (520) 297-9191.

Fix Brittle Teeth with Cosmetic Dentistry

Your new smile will feel great, look great and last a long time!

From overly closed lips to bulging eyes and mouth sores, there are a lot of good reasons to choose Oro Dental Medicine to help you address your fragile teeth. There was a time when correcting brittle teeth without partials, dentures, surgery, or without grinding down your healthy teeth were a dream. But we've come a long way and now you can get the results you've been hoping for without relying on traditional options like braces and surgery. At Oro Dental Medicine our focus is not just on your teeth, but on your overall health. Opening your bite and giving you a great new smile are just the beginning. It's really about opening your airway and allowing your main intake for food, water and oxygen to do its job for you the way it was intended. When that happens your brain gets the oxygen it needs, you sleep better, and your food cravings decrease from having the energy you need all day. Health is our number one priority.

I entrusted Drs. Oro with my oral health. Not only did Dr.Deb and Dr. Bob fix my teeth, give me a great smile and restore face but they also increased my airway. As a result, I now sleep through the night, have cut my medications by half.
David DavisHappy Patient
With careful planning, excellent communication and extraordinary skill, they were able to restore my mouth and jaw to where it was 30 years ago. My face looks younger and I can chew again.
Rose JulianChiropractor
I was pleased with the team approach the professional at Oro Dental used to make my dental treatment as pleasant as possible. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and the quality of care is unsurpassed.
Ron HillPatient

Cosmetic Dentistry Fragile Teeth Fix

Your new smile will feel great, look great and last a long time!

Many of the symptoms we treat include:

  • ISTLLMMS - I'm Starting To Look Like My Mother Syndrome
  • The appearance of thinning lips (they actually roll inward when not supported by correctly positioned teeth of the appropriate size and shape)
  • Sagging and/or sores at the corners of the mouth
  • A recessed jaw
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Hidden upper teeth
  • Chin that juts forward
  • Downturned mouth
  • Lines around the mouth

Experience the Oro Difference

The Drs. Oro have been practicing cosmetic dentistry for over 30 years and have completed more than 200 DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® services for patients in Arizona and throughout the country. Cosmetic dentistry is their expertise, and their office walls are filled with the proud portraits of patients who couldn't wait to show the world their new smile.

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