Our Staff

Gina Dill

Gina brings her caring nature to everyone she meets! Married to her high school sweetheart, Mark, since 1969, Gina is a proud mother of three and delighted grandmother of four, triplets and now her youngest, Jillian. Raised in Springfield, Ohio, her passions include her family, watching PBR (Professional Bull Riding), swimming, hiking, and riding horses. She is also actively involved in her church, teaching bible study to the community.

Gina brings 20+ years of experience and expertise in dentistry from various types of dental practices for the benefit of our patients. As a patient herself, Gina had this to say after completing her own DVF in two visits, 15 days apart…

“After all my years in the dental field, I thought I had an understanding of dentistry. No one in dentistry had ever told me this could be done, but in 15 days you not only changed my smile but my face! Your pioneering talent and DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® innovation are amazing!”

Phyllis David

Perpetually youthful, Phyllis has been married to her high school sweetheart, Kenny, since 1977. She is a proud mother of two and delighted grandmother of six who volunteers in many community efforts as well as teaching catechism to middle school students.

Born and raised in San Manuel, Arizona, she is passionate about her extended family as well as an avid sportswoman. Having played softball and been a cheerleader in high school, Phyllis continues to be active in running and weight training besides her favorite hobby of finding a great clothes bargain. She brings 30+ years of experience and expertise in all aspects of dental care and is Dr. Deb's right hand. Having gone through her own DVF, she is our resident expert on going through the process in segments over time.

After having completed her DVF, Phyllis had this to say... “After 27 years in dentistry, I was astonished when I learned about the revolutionary DVF from Drs. Oro. Having seen the ease with which the procedure is accomplished as well as the predictability of the results I was excited to work towards my own DVF. I’m thrilled to have had completed my DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® with Drs. Oro for my 50th birthday! My only wish is that I would have done it years ago!”

“I’m still loving it over 10 years later!!!”

Christa Riesgo

As dedicated to her patients as she is to her husband, Joe, and two daughters, Christa has practiced hygiene for over 30+ years. The youngest of seven from Pratt, Kansas, she met husband and fellow sports enthusiast, Joe, at college in Kansas.

Although actively engaged in raising their daughters, Christa remains committed to healthy lifestyles. She enjoys running, having completed five marathons (including Boston in 2006) along with coaching Volleyball both at the YMCA as well as assisting at the high school level.

Christa has a deep appreciation for the overall health/quality of life education she has experienced with Drs. Oro. After seeing the long term results of “oral fitness” in her patients, she proactively chose a DVF for her own health.

“After 26 years as a hygienist, I was amazed by the overall health/quality of life education I experienced at Oro Dental Medicine. Seeing the long term results of “oral fitness” in my patients, I proactively chose a DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® for my own health. I am thrilled with my choice! We truly do make living longer… something to smile about!”

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