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Steve Clark

“I grew up with a condition that caused my teeth to be very different from everyone else’s (in appearance and durability).  As a child growing up my teeth were the source of much teasing.  As a young adult, they continued to cause me embarrassment.  After much searching, a dental lab technician recommended the Oros. 

Drs. Deb and Bob not only met my expectations, but had a clear knowledge and experience regarding the complications surrounding my condition. ** Their treatment result has really been life changing for me!  I now have confidence in the health of my teeth as well as an awesome cosmetic result! Now, I don’t only have teeth like everyone else, I actually have better teeth than everyone else!  I am thankful for the experience I was able to have with the Drs. Oro everyday and recommend them to anyone I can.   **Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

- Jocelyn Rundell

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  Stevel Clark

Case completed in 15 days, the above image is 11 years after completion
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