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Steve Clark

“After 15 years in the dental field I thought I had an understanding of dentistry but in 15 days you not only changed my smile but my face! Your pioneering talent and DENTAL VIRTUAL FACELIFT® technology are amazing! Eight years later I’m still saying: ‘Thank you Drs. Oro!’”

- Gina , Oro Valley

“Gina and I have a history of uneven overbites in our family. When our adult son chose braces and jaw surgery to correct his bite, we understood how expensive and difficult that procedure can be. Then, Gina discovered Drs. Oro and chose to have her bite corrected with the doctors’ innovative non-surgical DVF. All I could say was ‘Wow!’ We were so thrilled with her bright new smile. My own DVF gave me not only the bright smile but the Healthy aspects of a good night’s sleep without snoring. Plus we both have more energy now to enjoy all our grandchildren! Thank you, Drs. Bob and Deb.”

-Mark, Oro Valley

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  Stevel Clark

16 Days Later

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